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Chinese Space Officials Meeting with NASA Today

By Leonard David
SPACE.com's Space Insider Columnist
posted: 02 December 2008
01:47 pm ET

NASA is hosting Earth and space science working group meetings with officials from the China National Space Administration (CNSA) in Washington, D.C., SPACE.com has learned.

The talks, today and tomorrow, are a follow- up to NASA's most recent meetings with CNSA representatives held June 30 to July 1in Beijing. That meeting brought together CNSA officials and other interested Chinese agencies with a NASA delegation made up of representatives from the space agency's Office of External Relations and the Science Mission Directorate.

On that occasion, the discussions represented the first joint meeting of the Earth and space science working groups that CNSA proposed to NASA in September 2006, during NASA Chief Mike Griffin's trip to China.

Also this month, NASA specialists are traveling to China to attend the Pan Oceanic Remote Sensing Conference in Guangzhou, Michael Braukus, a NASA Public Affairs Officer told SPACE.com.

Meanwhile, China continues to broaden its menu of space activities.

A few days ago, China lofted another of its remote sensing spacecraft in the Yaogan series. Its mission, according to Chinese news agencies, is to carry out land resource surveys, estimate crop yields, as well as assist in disaster prevention and relief efforts.

China is also pressing forward on its human space exploration plans.

Shortly after that country's late September completion of a three-Taikonaut Shenzhou-7 mission -- including their first space walk -- Wang Zhaoyao, deputy head of China's manned space program office underscored China's ambitions for a human trek to the moon. "We see a manned lunar landing as both a very challenging and tactical field in global hi-tech," Wang said. "We deem it necessary for our country to do something in this field."

Next up in taikonaut takeoffs is a multiple volley of Shenzhou spacecraft, according to Qi Faren, a leading Chinese space official.

Qi told the Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post in September that in 2010 unpiloted Shenzhou 8 and 9 spacecraft -- loaded with lab equipment -- would be sent spaceward and linked together in orbit. If that linkup was successful, a piloted Shenzhou 10 mission would be flown to the docked vehicles.

Qi said that creating this small laboratory in orbit would be a bridge to China's intent to build a larger space station in 2020.


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其实我认为这种低层次的技术交流对我们还有利些,因为主要是技术上的交流尤其是思想上的交流,不是说我们航天口紧密跟踪美国的技术云云吗,我想我们航天的进步一定有借鉴他山之石 ...

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布什拒绝美国宇航局同中国进行太空合作提议http://www.sina.com.cn  2008年12月22日 14:14  环球时报
  环球时报特约记者尚斌报道 据美国《航空和空间技术周刊》12月21日报道,美国宇航局(NASA)局长迈克尔-格里芬表示,布什政府拒绝了该机构同中国开展太空合作的提议。
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By Craig Covault

NASA tried and failed to obtain Bush administration approval of an overture to China for a cooperative U.S.-China space mission, NASA Administrator Michael Griffin tells Aviation Week & Space Technology.
The White House believes that a higher level of cooperation is too great a reward to China for its human rights and arms-trafficking violations of international law.
But the new Obama administration may resurrect the idea. The transition team of President-elect Barack Obama asked the agency for a detailed breakdown of its contacts with China and overall Asia-Pacific-region cooperative concepts in general.
The mission concept suggested by NASA was largely devoted to space science, but also involved flight operations on the space shuttle and International Space Station (ISS). It would not have involved the launch of a Chinese astronaut, however.
The concept included the large Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) that was flown on a shuttle mission 10 years ago as a solo payload and is likely to be launched for installation to the ISS on what could be the space shuttle's final mission in late 2010 or early 2011.
NASA's proposal was to allow the cooperation of Chinese scientists in the mission - since the original AMS carries nearly 1,900 kg. (4,188 lb.) of specialized magnets made in China by Chinese aerospace companies. "We ran that up the flagpole to the administration," Griffin says. The modernized version of the AMS for long-term ISS installation may not carry nearly as much Chinese-built hardware as the original design, though.
Sun Laiyan, who heads the China National Space Administration, also confirmed to Aviation Week & Space Technology last spring that some form of cooperation on the AMS had been discussed within Chinese government circles, too, in order to decide what to do if NASA raised it to the Chinese. Sun laughed and said it appeared his government's side had as much problem with the idea as did the U.S. government.
Kennedy Space Center managers are working up preliminary checkout flow documents for preparation of the AMS once it arrives from Europe for integration into the shuttle that will carry it to the ISS.
The AMS will be a powerful scientific tool for the study of mysterious and seemingly invisible cold dark matter that makes up the bulk of mass in the universe.
The U.S.-China cooperation could have been on multilateral, as opposed to bilateral, terms, says Mike O'Brien, who heads NASA's international affairs.
If the Obama administration approves some form of cooperation with China involving the AMS, then the final Kennedy Space Center launch of the shuttle would be a major international event in its own right - involving Chinese guests and possibly Chinese astronauts given access to journalists and other observers during the launch and landing.
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这是美国AGI公司模拟的交会视频地址:http://www.agi.com/resources/ani ... ShenzhouVII_BX1.wmv
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晕,  要是四十公里在话, 在外太空应该是可以互相看见的了吧?
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