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[专题专项] Google Lunar XPRIZE-谷歌月球X奖-GLXP跟踪:项目已结束,竞赛仍继续

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Moon Express租下SLC-36,用于着陆器MX-1的制造和测试

http://spacenews.com/moon-express-to-take-over ...

SLC-36被Blue Origin接管了,Moon Express转到了LC-17/18,前Delta II发射场

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月球快车(团队)请求FAA 进行月球任务载荷审查
Moon Express Asks FAA to Conduct Payload Review for Lunar Mission
Posted by Doug Messier , on April 8, 2016

   月球快车作为一家私人公司创造了历史:请求政府审查 计划2017年发射的月球载荷...
   WASHINGTON, April 8, 2016 (Moon Express PR) — Today, Moon Express made history as the first private space company to request the U.S government to conduct a payload review of its spacecraft and plans leading to regulatory approval of a commercial mission to the Moon in 2017. Moon Express initiated the review process through a submission to the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA AST), bringing the company another important step closer to the Moon.

...  ...

------以下:为什么需要 申请 和 批准--------
As a result of the unique timing and nature of the Moon Express 2017 mission, it additionally serves as a pathfinder and a catalyst for U.S. regulatory processes authorizing private missions beyond Earth orbit. Moon Express has actively consulted with the White House, U.S. federal agencies, and Congressional oversight committees to fashion an interim ‘Mission Approval’ arrangement to license its 2017 lunar mission, by enhancing existing regulatory processes which assure that the mission will be consistent with U.S. law, policy, and international treaty obligations.

...  ...

Moon Express’ proposed ‘Mission Approval’ arrangement utilizes existing payload review and launch license processes under authorities of the Secretary of Transportation, and adds to them a series of voluntary disclosures intended to provide the Federal Government with sufficient information to help fulfill its obligations under the Outer Space Treaty, including the avoidance of harmful interference with existing public or private lunar operations or heritage sites, and respecting conventions of planetary protection applying to the Moon.

...  ...

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Team indus的一些介绍,预计2017年9月由PSLV发射
All going well, the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) will launch Team Indus into space through a dedicated polar satellite launch vehicle in September 2017.
the Team Indus spacecraft’s lunar descent will start at 12.6km above the surface of the moon, with the spacecraft travelling at 1.69km/s (Mach 5+). The landing zone is selected 700km downstream from the descent point and the entire descent will take about 900 seconds. The descent needs to be completely autonomous, since the time needed to tele-command the spacecraft from earth is too long.

Since the moon has no atmosphere, the engines need to be fired to reduce the velocity to land on the moon. The spacecraft has one main engine delivering 460 newton (N) of thrust and 16 thrusters of 22N that are used to kill the velocity and control the spacecraft. The descent is guided by a number of sensors including a laser altimeter, two lunar descent cameras and four laser range finders. The firing of the engines is computed using the inputs from sensors to follow a fuel optimal trajectory to achieve touchdown.

There are five phases during descent. The navigation and guidance strategies are different for each phase of descent. The spacecraft mass at the beginning of descent is 400kg and it burns 200kg of fuel during descent. The spacecraft speeds need to be less than 1m/s in both the vertical and lateral direction at touchdown.

http://www.livemint.com/Companie ... ing-Team-Indus.html
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Astrobotic与墨西哥航天局(Agencia Espacial Mexicana (AEM) )达成协议,为后者提供载荷搭载服务

http ...

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CNES和印度Indus队签署了合作意向书,法国3DPlus将给该月球巡视器提供相机 CmHgnG3WIAAfAXl.jpg
Peter B. de Selding
Fr space agency CNES & Axiom Research Labs India sign LoI: 3DPlus France to provide Team Indus lunar rover cameras

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Flying_Pencil 发表于 2016-6-29 22:38

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.c ... eshow/53053505.cms?
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Google Lunar XPRIZE 之前有一个西班牙团队“巴塞罗那”“Barcelona Moon Team”。决定使用的是长2c火箭,还来过西昌考察,据说合同也签了,可是怎么突然很神秘就消失了。
官方fb、twitter、最后一条新闻就停止在了2014年2月5日对嫦娥三号的分析上——《Barcelona Moon Team: Chang’e3 comparative analysis. News, News (eng)》,此后没有任何消息,谷歌官方Google Lunar XPRIZE 网页上还有该团队的介绍,图标也是亮的,但是没有任何内容更新,也没有任何消息了。





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半导男孩 发表于 2016-7-5 22:20
Google Lunar XPRIZE 之前有一个西班牙团队“巴塞罗那”“Barcelona Moon Team”。决定使用的是长2c火箭, ...


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Indus和CNES进行的是无资金交换合作,CNES在Indus的月球 ...

By being in Bengaluru, Team Indus hopes to launch with ISRO, but no contract has been signed yet.

In any case, the Team Indus satellite has been designed keeping in mind the capabilities of ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). At a launch weight of 600 kilograms, it is well within the weight restrictions of this versatile rocket.
The propulsion systems that will be used on their spacecraft next year is of a kind that has never been used before for a mission of this sort. Team Indus engineers realised that the usual route to landing a spacecraft on the moon, using engines of variable thrust, was closed to them as countries closely guard their propulsion technology.
No off-the-shelf variable-thrust satellite engines were available to them. There was no time to develop new engines anyway, even if the company managed to put together the expertise to develop them. So the Indian team took a decision: use a combination of small fixed thrust engines and produce the same effect using control algorithms. "We are trying to accomplish in software what we cannot do in hardware," says M Jayaraman, a former ISRO propulsion expect who is now advising Team Indus.
The algorithms are critical as they are used for controlling the main engine and the 16 engines that are used for maneuvering by the satellite. Team Indus will use 16 fixed thrust engines in various combinations to achieve variable thrust during descent to the moon. "It is one step beyond Chandrayan-1," says Srinivas Hegde, who is heading the mission control for Team Indus.

Liftoff: The spacecraft has to be injected in a precise Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO). Since a launch company will do this, there is little for Team Indus to do.
GTO Manouevres: After the launch vehicle ejects the moon rover, its velocity has to raised to prepare for departure from an earth orbit. This manoeuvre requires precision, and it is left to Team Indus engineers.
Trans-lunar Injection: Takeoff for the moon from the earth orbit, by firing satellite rockets. The timing is very important, to avoid going somewhere else.
Capture to a Moon Orbit: The spacecraft has to slow down as it approaches the moon for it to be captured in a lunar orbit. Again requires precision in the firing of rockets.
Landing: This is the hardest part, as it requires varying the thrust, slowing down and landing softly on a spot that has been chosen before. India has no experience in this, and Team Indus could be the first to achieve this if successful.

Challenge: Landing a robot on the moon, travel half a kilometer on the surface, and send data and photos to the earth.

Prize money: $20 million first prize, $5 million second prize, $4 million bonuses, $1 million diversity award.

Sponsor: Google.

Organiser : X Prize Foundation.

Deadline: December 31, 2017.

Teams that crossed first stage: Astrobiotic Technology (US), Moon Express (US), Part Time Scientists (Germany), Team Indus (India), Hakuto (Japan).



Angel investor SHARAD SHARMA

NANDAN NILEKANI, cofounder of Infosys

VIVEK RAGHAVAN, chief product manager of UIDAI (the Aadhaar project)

PALLAW SHARMA, director of analytics at Microsoft

Angel investor and entrepreneur BALA PARTHASARTHY

SUNIL KALRA, entrepreneur & investor

PARAS CHOPRA, entrepreneur

PALLAV NADHANI, entrepreneur and investor
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cmj9808 发表于 2016-1-29 13:38
SLC-36被Blue Origin接管了,Moon Express转到了LC-17/18,前Delta II发射场

https://twitter.com/fla ...

Moon Express与USAF签署协议,正式接手LC-17和18
http://spacenews.com/moon-expres ... elta-2-launch-site/
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cmj9808 发表于 2016-7-13 13:08
Moon Express与USAF签署协议,正式接手LC-17和18
http://spacenews.com/moon-express-takes-over-cape-c ...

看来, 卡角废弃的发射平台逐渐要被 商业航天者 慢慢 接手.
看地图,那些编号很小的发射台(应该越有历史) 相互距离很近, 已经有几十年不使用了吧.
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hkhtg090201 发表于 2016-7-13 13:29
看来, 卡角废弃的发射平台逐渐要被 商业航天者 慢慢 接手.
看地图,那些编号很小的发射台(应该越有历史)  ...

是的,编号个位数的都是早期战术导弹测试用的,SpX作为着陆场的LC-13在78年废弃,Moon express接手的LC-18在67年废弃
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SpaceIL成功测试了月表下降级主引擎 IMG-20160525-WA0004.jpg
http://www.parabolicarc.com/2016 ... unar-lander-engine/
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Moon Express与USAF签署协议,正式接手LC-17和18
http://spacenews.com/moon-express-takes-over-cape-c ...

     还有,能接手卡角的发射场,看来这个公司的志向远大啊,绝不仅仅满足于制造个月球巡视器,  这是向SpaceX看齐的节奏啊   -  要有自己的发射系统了.

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hkhtg090201 发表于 2016-7-14 22:11
还有,能接手卡角的发射场,看来这个公司的志向远大啊,绝不仅仅满足于制造个月球巡视器,  这是向Space ...

目前还没有相关计划,moon express估计是看中了发射场的净空,进行系留或无系留悬停的时候不需要再每次向FAA申请。spx租用美洲航天港也是出于同种考虑,因为mcgregor无法进行高高度试飞。
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hkhtg090201 发表于 2016-4-11 18:11
月球快车(团队)请求FAA 进行月球任务载荷审查
Moon Express Asks FAA to Conduct Payload Review for Lu ...

Moon Express MX-1E获得FAA第一个载荷许可
WASHINGTON — Moon Express said Aug. 3 that it has won a first-of-its-kind regulatory approval from the U.S. government for a commercial lunar lander the company is developing. - See more at: http://spacenews.com/moon-expres ... thash.VcL2PvJU.dpuf
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华尔街日报报道,美国政府准备批准飞到地球轨道之外的私人太空任务,为“月球快车”(Moon Express)公司的登陆月球计划消除最大法规障碍。
月球快车公司是竞逐Google登月X大奖的十六家企业之一,Google 提供二千万美元给第一个以私人资金将月球探测器送上月球的团队,探测器必须在月球上移动五百公尺,并将高画质影片和影像传回地球。






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