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[俄罗斯发射] 2017年12月27日03:00,安哥拉卫星AngoSat由Zenit-2M/Fregat自拜科努尔发射成功

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安哥拉首颗卫星Angosat-1号地球静止轨道通信卫星的建造工程已完成58% 。俄罗斯负责卫星制造,预计2017年第一季度在普列谢茨克发射场由安加拉A5发射升空。


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El Angosat 1 está a ser construido en Rusia y tiene el siguiente segmento espacial: posición orbital 14.5 E, peso mil 55 kilogramos, peso de carga útil 262.4 kilogramos, potencia de carga útil tres mil 753 W, banda de frecuencia C,Ku, número de repetidores 16C+6Ku y con una vida útil de 15 años。

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本次任务可能不是Angara-A5第二射,第二发应该属于两颗预警卫星 。

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New GEO early warning satellite is said not to be ready
Interfax quotes an industry source as saying that the new-generation geostationary early-warning satellite will not be ready for launch in 2016. According to the report, the satellite is still in production and the manufacturers (RKK Energiya is the lead contractor) are awaiting results of the tests of the first satellite of the EKS system. The satellite, Cosmos-2510, was launched into highly-elliptical orbit in November 2015. According to the Interfax source, two HEO satellites have been manufactured so far, one of them is in orbit.
The Interfax report appeared shortly after other reports suggested that the new early-warning satellite will be launched by a heavy Angara-A5 launcher by the end of 2016. The launcher made its maiden flight (with a satellite mockup) in November 2015. The 2016 Angara-A5 launch would probably still take place, but with a different satellite, Angola's Angosat. The GEO EKS launch, which will probably use Angara-A5 as well, appears to be moved to at least 2017.



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The second Angara-class heavy carrier rocket is scheduled to blast off from the Plesetsk spaceport in north Russia in December, a source in the space rocket industry told TASS on Friday.
The Angara rocket will orbit at least two new-generation satellites for Russia’s space-based echelon of the missile attack early warning system, the source said.

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由于俄罗斯公司把【海射】收回去了,AngoSat-1卫星有可能由Zenit-3SLBF/Fregat-SB火箭从拜科努尔发射,发射 ...

RKK Energia of Korolev, Russia, entered negotiations with KB Yuzhnoe of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, on a potential deal to launch a satellite for Angola on a Ukrainian-built Zenit rocket. Under the proposed plan, the Angosat-1 satellite would ride the last fully assembled Zenit rocket still remaining in Baikonur. The mission is seen by industry insiders as the first step in the resumption of Zenit missions, which if successful, will eventually shift from Baikonur to the Sea Launch ocean-going platform based in Long Beach, California.

In September, RKK Energia struck a deal with the Russian airline group S7 to bankroll the revival of the Sea Launch venture, which remains mothballed in the wake of severe financial problems and the political fallout from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict of 2014. However even with the new investments, it would take at least 18 months to get all the necessary approvals for the reactivation of the Sea Launch vessels in California.

In the meantime, RKK Energia is completing the development of the Angosat-1 satellite under a commercial agreement with the government of Angola. The spacecraft, which is based on the company'sYamal platform, is currently expected to be ready for launch in July 2017. It was originally designed to be delivered into orbit via Sea Launch, but after the financial collapse of the venture, RKK Energia considered switching the mission to the second test launch of the Angara-5 rocket. However, after endless delays with the introduction the Angara's new production line in Siberia and with the new hope to revive the Sea Launch, RKK Energia revisited the Zenit option.

One caveat with the proposed plan is that the Zenit rocket currently stored at Site 42 in Baikonur was originally procured by the Russian space agency, Roskosmos, for the launch of the Spektr-RG astrophysics satellite. However, in an interview with the Izvestiya daily published on Oct. 20, 2016, Sergei Lemeshevsky, the head of NPO Lavochkin, which develops Spektr-RG, said that the company had considered switching the mission from Zenit to the Proton-M/Block DM launcher. Adapting the Spektr-RG to a new booster could delay the mission by at least nine months, however, some industry sources see the move as a smoke screen for possible technical problems with the Spektr-RG itself, which would push back the launch anyway leaving already purchased rocket without any job in the near future.

In the meantime, the Zenit rocket in Baikonur has already overstayed its operational warranty and will require refurbishment by a Ukrainian team before it can be used one way or another. With the proposed plan to re-configure the rocket for the launch of Angosat-1, it is still unclear how long it would take for KB Yuzhnoe to re-certify this Zenit for launch. However, immediately after the signing of the deal between RKK Energia and S7 in September, Ukrainian space officials said that they would be open to cooperation with the Russians on the Sea Launch venture.

In December 2015, the Ukrainian team supported the last launch of the Zenit rocket with the Russian Elektro-L2 satellite from Baikonur. By all accounts, the rocket performed flawlessly.

According to industry sources, at the beginning of October, Roskosmos hosted a meeting of all interested parties involved in the use of the Zenit rocket, which included Ukrainian representatives, and which resulted in the signing of ? joint protocol. This preliminary agreement still needs political approval in both Russia and Ukraine, but if it goes ahead, it could see a Russian order for as many as 12 Zenit rockets.



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由于俄罗斯公司把【海射】收回去了,AngoSat-1卫星有可能由Zenit-3SLBF/Fregat-SB火箭从拜科努尔发射,发射 ...



Авиакомпания S7, заключившая соглашение о покупке плавучего космодрома «Морской старт», начнет пусковую деятельность уже в следующем году. S7 станет оператором старта ракеты «Зенит» с космическим аппаратом Angosat, который сейчас строится в ракетно-космической корпорации «Энергия». Вывести Angosat на орбиту «Энергия» рассчитывает в июле следующего года.
О предстоящем дебюте S7 в роли пускового оператора «Известиям» рассказал Владимир Солнцев, генеральный директор РКК «Энергия».
Мы планируем осуществить запуск ракеты-носителя «Зенит» со спутником Angosat в июле следующего года с космодрома Байконур. Сейчас космический аппарат еще строится, но принятый нами план-график позволяет рассчитывать, что к июлю он уже будет готов к пуску, заявил Владимир Солнцев. S7 официально станет оператором этого пуска, а РКК «Энергия» окажет всю необходимую техническую поддержку.
Запуск Angosat будет произведен ракетой «Зенит». По словам главы «Энергии», именно этот носитель обозначен в контракте с ангольскими заказчиками строительства национальной системы спутникового телевизионного вещания и связи Анголы. Владимир Солнцев признал, что у корпорации сейчас нет регулярных контактов с производителем «Зенитов» днепропетровским «Южмашем».
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http://www.space.com.ua/gateway/ ... 25806B0044A154!open
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Zenit to launch Angosat
A Russian spacecraft developer solicited a Ukrainian company to provide a rocket for a commercial satellite launch in 2017. It became the first Russian-Ukrainian space cooperation agreement reached after Moscow had annexed Crimea in 2014. The launch currently scheduled for July 15, 2017, could also mark the revival of the Ukrainian-built Zenit rocket.

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安哥拉与俄罗斯就“Angosat-1”项目洽谈持续10年之久。“Angosat-1”寿命预计为15年,在这15年间,安哥拉需 ...

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MOSCOW, August 10. /TASS/. The Angosat satellite planned for its launch from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan aboard a Zenit carrier rocket is ready for the last stage of trials, Russia’s Energiya Rocket and Space Corporation said in a statement posted on its website on Thursday.
"Upon the completion of thermal vacuum trials, the space vehicle has been delivered to the Energiya Corporation to prepare for control [acceptance/delivery] trials," the statement says.
The satellite’s thermal vacuum trials were held at the Peresvet Rocket and Space Industry R&D Center. The trials tested all the operation modes of onboard re-transmitters and onboard service systems, including the regimes of warding off possible emergency situations.
"The trials were held under the control of representatives of the Angolan side," the statement said.
The contract for the Angosat satellite was signed in 2009 and has been implemented since 2012. It stipulates developing a satellite with a re-transmitter, its launch into a geostationary orbit and the creation of ground-based communications and TV broadcasting infrastructure. The Energiya Rocket and Space Corporation is the chief contractor on Russia’s behalf.
The satellite’s launch is planned for November 2017. It was initially scheduled for 2016. There were plans to use an Angara carrier rocket for the launch of the Angolan satellite as the production of Zenit launchers was terminated in 2014. However, it was then decided to return to the use of a Zenit rocket stored at the Baikonur spaceport for the launch of the Skektr-RG telescope.

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