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[专题专项] SpaceX综合消息贴:政策计划人事财务预算等:富达领投新一轮5亿美元融资

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by the water是在水边,不是在水上。
fired scaled Raptor指的是引擎点火不是烧毁。

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整理Gwynne Shotwell今晚在斯坦福的有趣谈话
Interesting items from Gwynne Shotwell's talk atStanford tonight

Gwynne Shotwell gave a talk at Stanford on Oct 11titled "The Road to Mars". Here are a few notes that I made, andhopefully a few other Redditers will fill in more details:
Gwynne Shotwell10月11日在斯坦福大学举行了题为“火星之路”的演讲。 以下是我制作的几个注释,希望还有一些其他的Redditers会填写更多的细节:
    She startedoff with a fun comment that she was pleased that they'd made it to orbit today,or else her talk would have been a downer.
    She saidthat Falcon Heavy was waiting on the launch pad to be ready, repeated Decemberas a date, and then I am fairly sure she said that pad 40 would be ready inDecember. (However, the Redditer that I gave a ride home to does not recallhearing that.)
     她说,Falcon Heavy正在等待发射台准备好,重申12月份的(发射)日期然后我相当肯定她说了,Pad40将在12月份准备好。 (但是,我在家里的Redditer不记得听到了
    She saidthat they had fired scaled Raptor (known) and that they were building thelarger version right now.
    Shementioned that they were going to build a new BFR factory in LA on the water,because it turned out to be too expensive tomove big things from Hawthorneto the water.
    She told astory about coming to SpaceX: She had gotten tired of the way the aerospaceindustry worked, and was excited that SpaceX might be able to revolutionizethings. And if that didn't work out, she planned on leaving the industry andbecoming a barista or something. Fortunately, SpaceX worked out well.
     她讲了一个关于进入SpaceX的故事:她厌倦了航空航天工业的工作,并且很高兴SpaceX可能会革新事物。如果没有成功,她计划离开行业,成为一个咖啡师或者一些东西。 幸运的是,SpaceX做得很好。

    Before thetalk there was a Tesla Model 3 driving around looking for parking, and I waschasing it around on foot hoping to say hi to the driver... and I realized toolate that I could have gotten a photo with a Model S, X, and 3 in the frame. ARRRRGH.
    在谈话之前,有一个特斯拉模型3驾驶着寻找停车场,我正在追逐它,希望对驾驶员说嗨,我意识到太晚了,我可以得到一个与S型的照片, X和3在框架。ARRRRGH。


Here are my notes from the talk:
The introductory talk itself consisted largely ofshowing various SpaceX YouTube videos we have all seen before. She nonethelessincluded a few details here of interest:

开始的演讲本身主要包括我们以前见过的各种SpaceX  YouTube视频。 然而,她还列举了一些有趣的细节:

On Falcon Heavy
Reaffirmed that the rocket is ready and they are justwaiting on the launchpad
Confirmed plan to launch in December (this is not justan Elon-date)
On launch sites
Pad 39awill be used for Falcon Heavy launches and crew flights
Boca Chica launch site under construction is the"perfect location for BFR"
She did not mention anything else about Boca Chicaother than its prime suitability for BFR

Pad 39a 将用于猎鹰重型发射和 载人航班

正在建设的Boca Chica发射场是“BFR的完美位置”
除了BFR主要适用性之外,她没有提到关于Boca Chica的任何内容
On Commercial Crew关于商业载人
Reaffirmed timetable for launching crew next year
Extremely proud ofLaunch Escape System
First manned flight will have two astronauts on board

On "GlobalBroadband Network"
"Does anybody like their cable company? [Laughs]No one!"
Dragon is a very sophisticated satellite, so in thatlight, sees internet constellation as a natural extension of their current work
Compared size of global launch market (~8 billiondollars/year) to broadband market (~1 trillion dollars/year) to further explainSpaceX's interest

On Mars
Perhaps it was just an awkward phrase, but used theterm "propellant depot" to describe orbital refueling process for BFR
Talked about tanker BFR and mentioned how Elon wantsthe fuel transfer to actually be as fast as seen in the Adelaide animation

谈到储箱BFR,并提到Elon如何想要燃料转移 实际上是德莱德动画中看到的一样快

At this point, it became a Q&A session. Audiencemembers submitted questions online and voted on other questions. SteveJurvetson sat down on stage with Shotwell and selected top voted questions andskillfully modified them as necessary to make them more sensible. This isperhaps the best SpaceX Q&A I have seen, this format is worth emulating.

在这一点上,它成为一个问答环节。观众成员在线提交问题并 与其他问题 投票表决。 史蒂夫·朱维森(Steve Jurvetson)与斯托维尔(Shotwell)一起坐在舞台上,选择最高投票问题,并根据需要巧妙地修改了他们,使他们更加明智。这可能是我看到的最好的SpaceX  Q&A,这种格式值得模仿。

Does SpaceX have the resources to do the satellite constellationand the BFR together, or will they need to prioritize?

We can do it, no question. We can fund bothdevelopments, depending on the time frame you're talking about. But Elon isimpatient to get to Mars, so we'll have to get a bit creative with thefinancing.

我们可以做到这一点,毫无疑问。我们可以根据您谈论的时间框架为这两个开发提供资金。 但是,Elon对于去到火星有些急躁(不耐烦),所以我们必须要有一点融资的创意。


How far can SpaceX take reuse?
The second stage is not designed for reuse on theFalcon 9 or the Falcon Heavy. However, we do want to bring it back slowly.Currently, it reenters but too hot. On missions with extra propellant, we wantto bring it back to see how it behaves, not to recover or reuse. This data willbe very valuable. Fairings have been recovered. We expect recovery will be good enough to start regularly reusing them in thefirst six months of next year.
重复使用 可以走多远?

第二级不是为了在Falcon 9或Falcon Heavy上重用。 不过,我们确实希望能够把它缓慢带回来。 目前,它重新进入,但太热了。 在有富裕推进剂的任务中,我们希望将其带回来,以了解其行为,不能回收或重新使用。这些数据将非常有价值。 整流罩已经回收。我们预期回收将足够好,以便在明年头六个月开始定期重复使用
Can normal peopletolerate the g-forces of point-to-point BFR flight?
We are designing it so normal people can fly in it.We'll take care regarding the g-limit, but the experience will undoubtedly besportier than an airplane.
普通人能忍受BFR 点对点飞行的g力吗?
我们正在设计,所以正常的人可以飞。 我们会关注g极限,但经验无疑比运动型飞机
Will SpaceX work withother companies regarding infrastructure on the surface of Mars?
SpaceX is focused on the transportation part of theMars problem, but people need somewhere to go once they arrive. I don't thinkit's an accident that Elon started the Boring Company, tunnels will be veryimportant in the first steps of living on Mars, before we build domes andterraform. We want other companies to start thinking about it and working onit, but we'll do it if we have to. I think the BFR might be ready before theseother components of actually living on Mars.

SpaceX专注于火星问题的运输部分,但是一旦到达,人们就需要去某个地方去。 我认为,埃隆从镗孔公司开始并不意外,在我们建造穹顶和变形之前,隧道在生活在火星上的第一步将是非常重要的。我们希望其他公司开始考虑并开展工作,但如果我们必须这样做,我们会做的。 我认为在实际生活在火星上的其他组成部分之前,BFR可能已经准备好了

Moon base vs Mars?
The moon is to some extent a practice to go to Mars,but given how government programs are, it'll take decades to even get to themoon. If the goal is Mars, then let's not waste resources going to the moon.But a real lunar base would be interesting, that's worth fighting for. Our shipwill go to the moon, I'm sure we'll be part of the program that does go to themoon, but it will be designed for Mars.
月球基地 与 火星基地(比较)?

月球在某种程度上是一种去火星的做法,但是鉴于政府的计划如何,几十年甚至要到月球。 如果目标是火星,那么我们不要浪费资源去月球。但是一个真正的月球基础将是有趣的,这是值得的。 我们的船将去月球,我相信我们将成为那个去月球的程序的一部分,但它将被设计为火星。


What is the biggestobstacle to the BFR's success?
The composite tanks will be challenge, but we aredoing it already. We are currently building a larger raptor right now, andcurrently have a scaled version of raptor on the test stands. Harder than therocket, though, will be where poeple are going to live, what will life be like,what will they do there? Also, while the choice of fuel for the BFR wasconstrained by resource availability on Mars, it is no accident that the finalchoice of methane is the cheapest energy source here on earth. This willgreatly facilitate the economics side of things.

复合材料储箱将是挑战,但我们已经做到了。 目前我们正在建设一个更大的猛禽,目前在测试台上有一个缩放版的猛禽。不过比火箭更难,将会在哪里生活,生活会如何,他们会在那里做什么?此外,虽然BFR的燃料选择受到火星资源可用性的限制,但甲烷的最终选择是地球上最便宜的能源并不意外。 这将大大促进经济方面的事情。

How many BFR failuresdoes SpaceX expect in development, and how many can it withstand?
I'm sure we'll have failures in the developmentprogram. However, as far as the launching piece, I'm going to say none (knockson wood). Also, [referencing Mark Twain anecdote] we've learned so much fromprevious development programs, and have already hit all the sandbars, so I'mconfident in our ability to design it properly.
SpaceX预计开发BFR 会有多少次失败,以及可承受多少次BFR失败?

我相信我们会在开发程序中失败。 然而,就发射片而言,我不会说(敲木头)。此外,[参考马克吐温轶事]我们从以前的开发计划中学到了很多,并已经打了所有的沙滩,所以我对自己正确设计的能力充满信心。

Where will the BFR bebuilt?
We're looking at building a facility by the water inLA. We thought we'd build it in our factory in Hawthorne, but we priced transport to theharbor, and it came out to $2.5mper trip. It would require taking down stoplights, and just wouldn't be worthit. So we will build a new facility by the water. We will eventually also havea number of production sites by out launch sites.

我们正在考虑在洛杉矶的水边建造一座设施。 我们以为我们会在霍桑的工厂建造它,但是我们将运输定价到港口,每行程达到250万美元。 这将需要取消停车位,只是不值得。 所以我们将用水建造一个新的设施。 我们最终还将有多个生产基地在发射场。

What is it like havingbeen a part of SpaceX since the beginning? Both in terms of being this successful,and being able to stay on mission?

I wasn't sure we would make it when I joined SpaceX,but I knew I wouldn't want to be part of this industry if SpaceX didn't makeit. I had a lot of experience in the industry before joining SpaceX and was sadat the lack of innovation in the industry. I was very disillusioned and decidedto quit industry entirely and perhaps become a hairdresser if SpaceX didn'twork out. Government money was being spent in stupid ways, and I wanted to showhow to spend money on an exciting way, and it happened to be in space. Thefirst time we went to the ISS, I didn't think we'd make it. If one more sensorhad failed we'd have had to abort. But that success, and our first landingsuccess, made it all worth it. Just being a part of that... When you watch thevideo of the Orbcomm landing, you can feel the energy that went up, the wayeveryone cheered... That's just not something they do on Wall Street.


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Space Intel Report上一则很有趣的新闻。由于之前的一连串失利,质子火箭目前的保费是12%,而阿里安和SpaceX的保费均低于5%,这意味着每个选择ILS的客户要凭空多支付1000-1500万美元。ILS表示SpX在去年和前年也各有一次事故,凭什么他的保费不涨?而保险公司的回答是,因为他们有马斯克。。。
In dollar terms, that means that ILS customers seeking a $200 million policy covering the the value of the satellite, the launch and the satellite’s first year in orbit, would pay a $24 million premium.
The same customer launching the same satellite on Falcon 9 or the Ariane 5 would pay no more than $10 million, and possibly less.
SpaceX gets a break because of the cult of Elon [founder Elon Musk] and partly because of SES,” one official said.

https://www.spaceintelreport.com ... satellite-business/

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Space Intel Report上一则很有趣的新闻。由于之前的一连串失利,质子火箭目前的保费是12%,而阿里安和Space ...

the cult of Musk 这表达太准确了
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Space Intel Report上一则很有趣的新闻。由于之前的一连串失利,质子火箭目前的保费是12%,而阿里安和Space ...

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Space Intel Report上一则很有趣的新闻。由于之前的一连串失利,质子火箭目前的保费是12%,而阿里安和Space ...

because of the cult of Elon [founder Elon Musk] and partly because of SES

SES 有什么关系?
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because of the cult of Elon [founder Elon Musk] and partly because of SES



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一级和整流罩到时都复用吧,只是新的二级和整备 燃料费等。
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马斯克到访安卡拉,与土耳其总统艾尔多安讨论电动汽车,清洁能源以及发射Turksat 5A和5B的事宜

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/t ... 51842--finance.html
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Today we honor all who have served, sacrificed and continue to make a difference. Thank you for your service.

Roughly 650 of SpaceX’s more than 5,000 employees — 13 percent of its workforce — are veterans, and company officials are actively seeking new recruits.
http://www.dailybreeze.com/2017/ ... veterans-heres-why/

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https://twitter.com/ ...

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job list里SATELLITE DEVELOPMENT的职位都在这两地,Irvine多是ASIC相关的职位,似乎是终端,Redmond则聚焦卫星制造
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job list里SATELLITE DEVELOPMENT的职位都在这两地,Irvine多是ASIC相关的职位,似乎是终端,Redmond则聚 ...

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