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[战略战术导弹] 俄罗斯陆基战略武器──白杨-M/RS-24

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РС-26 Рубеж 的相关资料有人发么?
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Entered service
Expected in 2015
3 men (?)
Dimensions and weight
~ 80 t
Missile length
~ 12 m
Missile diameter
~ 1.8 m
Missile weight
~ 36 t
Warhead weight
~ 800 kg
Warhead type
Range of fire
~ 5 800 km
Engine power
Maximum road speed
~ 50 km/h
over 500 km
Side slope
Vertical step

The RS-26 Rubezh Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) is currently under development in Russia. It is being developed by Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology. It is believed that development commenced in 2008. Flight tests began in 2012 and missile demonstrated a range of 5 800 km. Development was planned to be completed in 2014. It was planned that the first RS-26 regiment will become operational in 2015.

   This missile is intended to suppress missile defense systems in Europe. It is also intended to supplement the Russian ballistic missile fleet as a more mobile weapon system with shorter range.

   It is claimed that the RS-26 is based on the Yars. Officially the RS-26 is an intercontinental ballistic missiles. However it has a different weight class and is smaller than current RussianTopol-M and Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles. In terms of dimensions it is similar to the new Russian submarine-launched Bulava.

   Although the RS-26 is legally an ICBM, it may be that the demonstrated range of 5 800 km is close to the maximum range of the missile. It is worth noting that missile demonstrated this range with a single warhead. It is possible that it may not demonstrate ICBM range with multiple warheads. In this case this missile falls into the class of Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missiles (IRBMs). It is worth noting that medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles with a range of up to 5 500 km are banned by INF Treaty. So the Russians found a way to field an intermediate-range ballistic missile and to fill the gap that was once covered by the RSD-10 Pioner (SS-20 Saber) IRBMs. Also since 2007 Russia declares that the INF Treaty no longer serves its interests. In 2012 United States accused Russia of violating the treaty by covertly developing new ballistic missiles.

   As of 2014 the RS-26 missile has not been seen in public yet. It is estimated that the missile is about 12 m long and has a launch weight of 36 t. It is propelled by solid fuel. Currently it is unknown if this missile carries a single warhead or Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles (MIRVs). Both configurations were tested in 2013. It is claimed that Rubezh is more accurate than current ballistic missiles. Also it is claimed that this missile is capable of penetrating even the most sophisticated missile defenses.

   It is likely that the new missile will be carried and launched from a TEL, based on the Belarusian MZKT-27291 special wheeled chassis. This vehicle has 6 axles. It has some degree of cross-country mobility. It is broadly similar in design to the MAZ-547 which was used as a TEL for the RSD-10 Pioner missile.

   Road-mobile missiles are more survivable. These are harder to detect and hit. Once on high alert vehicles with RS-26 missiles can leave their bases and operate in remote forest area. The mobile launcher has autonomy on roads in excess of 500 km. It allows the vehicle to operate undetected in an area equivalent to a small European country. So these missiles are more likely to survive the first strike.

   During field deployment the TEL launcher with ballistic missile will be escorted by a host of support vehicles, including control vehicle, signals vehicle, fuel tanker, as well as a number of other military vehicles with troops to ensure security of the missile. In case of emergency the TEL vehicle can operate autonomously without its escort.

   The TEL vehicle can launch its missile from prepared site, special garage with a sliding roof, or from unprepared position during field deployment. Once the missile is launched vehicle can leave its position.


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DF-26是单弹头,核常兼备。贴子是讨论俄罗斯导弹的,就不打岔了。  发表于 2016-3-28 14:42
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[据俄罗斯军事工业综合体网站2017年1月11日报道] 由于波多利斯克电子机械厂濒临破产,莫斯科热工所在战略导弹武器装备“亚尔斯”的交付方面遇到了问题,这威胁到了国防订货任务的完成。
“亚尔斯”液压系统的供货方是自动化装置和液压装置中央科学研究所(ЦНИИ АГ),波多利斯克电子机械厂是其协作方。
尼古林表示,在科夫罗夫斯基电子机械厂进行备份生产可能是解决这个问题的出路,但是这将需要一年半的时间。同时,尼古林还请求俄技集团在恢复波多利斯克电子机械厂生产方面给予帮助。(中国航天系统科学与工程研究院  张洪娜)

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带不了吧 最多三个
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    此外,导弹重量减轻能使列车携载的导弹数量将从3枚增加至6枚,使导弹可用标准列车、标准底盘携载,列车仅需一辆柴油机车牵引即可,而无需像“Molodets”那样需要三辆柴油机车。如果不使用“亚尔斯”导弹,则“巴尔古津”系统不可能在2025年前服役,并将需要大量新的支出。(核信息院   李宗洋   付玉   蔡莉   哈琳)

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            Test launch of Yars missile with "experimental warheads"   
                        On September 12, 2017 the Strategic Rocket Forces performed a successful launch of a silo-based Yars ICBM from Plesetsk to the Kura test site in Kamchatka. According to the official release by the Ministry of Defense, quoted in the media, the goal of the launch was to "confirm reliability of a party of missiles of this class." The statement also said that "experimental warheads successfully reached their targets."
RS-24 Yars missiles are being deployed in silos with missile divisions in Kozelsk and there are plans to deploy them in Tatishchevo as well. It appears that the missile that was used in today's test was taken from the recently manufactured batch to check its reliability.
What is new is the "experimental warheads" that were said to be tested in this launch. We don't know what they are. One thing is certain - these are not "hypersonic deeply maneuverable vehicles." On the other hand, if these were just "conventional" RVs of a new type, their experimental nature wouldn't have been mentioned. So, it is a puzzle for now. Of course, the defense industry has many things in its sleeve - a MaRV, for example (this one was developed by the Makeev Design Bureau, so I doubt it would be tested on Yars). Let's wait - maybe we'll hear more about this particular experiment.

        [Rocket Forces] [September 12, 2017]
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