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[专题专项] NASA商业载人航天(CCP)进程:NASA公布新的时间表

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                           博尔登:期望在七月中旬发售商业载人合同 (CCicap阶段)
Bolden: Commercial Crew Awards Expected in Mid-July
Posted by Doug Messieron June 18, 2012
引用:http://www.parabolicarc.com/2012 ... pected-in-mid-july/
During a press conference this morning about a NASA-FAA agreement on commercial crew oversight, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden was asked about the agency’s plans for awarding the next phase of the program.
      在今天上午的一个关于NASA和联邦航空局商业载人监督协议 新闻发布会期间,NASA局长查尔斯•博尔登被问及该机构的 下一个阶段的规划的颁奖计划。

Bolden said the agency fully expects to announce the winners of the Commercial Crew integrated
Capability (CCiCap) round in mid-July. The awards, which will cover all aspects of commercial vehicle development, will last for 21 months.
     博尔登说,该机构充分预计将在7月中旬公布下一轮商业载人综合能力(CCiCap) 胜出者,。该奖项将覆盖商业运载器发展的各个方面,将持续21个月。
Two companies will receive full awards to develop their systems while a third will receive half of an award. This approach was worked out between Bolden and Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), who wanted NASA to immediately down-select to one provider.
     两家公司将获得全额资金去资助其开发系统,而第三个将获得资助的一半。这种方法经营(运行)在博尔登和众议员弗兰克•沃尔夫(R - VA)之间,他(沃尔夫)想要NASA立即选择一个供应商。
At the end of the 21-month period, NASA will put out a request for proposals open to all bidders to provide commercial crew services under Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Bolden said. FAR includes much more rigorous government oversight than the Space Act Agreements that NASA is now using for the commercial crew program.
     在21个月期间的末尾,NASA提出了建议,在联邦采购条例下开放给所有投标人 提供商业载人服务请求(FAR),博尔登说。FAR超过空间法协议的严格监督政府NASA现在正在使用的商业载人计划
Bolden said that NASA would prefer that Congress fully fund the President’s request for commercial crew at $830 million for Fiscal Year 2013. NASA will ask for significantly more funding in future years to keep to a 2017 schedule for commercial crew flights.
      博尔登说,NASA更喜欢国会充分资助总统的2013财年8.30亿美元商业载人的请求。NASA将在未来几年一直到2017年的商业载人飞行 请求 引人注目的更多的资金。

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Commercial Crew Partners Milestone Progress Report
Posted by Doug Messieron June 20, 2012, at 11:33 amin
NASA PR – NASA’s commercial crew partners continue to achieve exciting milestones as the Commercial Crew Development Round 2 (CCDev2) Space Act Agreements enter their home stretch. Since the agreements were awarded in April 2011, the partners have achieved 48 of the 62 planned test, demonstration, and technical review milestone events. With the maturation of spacecraft and launch vehicle designs being accomplished under CCDev2, NASA’s Commercial Crew Program is well positioned to move into the integrated capability design and testing phase. Awards for new Space Act Agreements are expected in July/August 2012.
NASA消息 -在商业载人开发第2轮(CCDev2)太空行动协议下,NASA的商业载人合作伙伴继续实现令人兴奋的里程碑,进入他们的家舒展。自从协议在2011年4月被授予,合作伙伴已完成62个测试计划、演示、技术评审里程碑事件的48个。随着在CCDev2下的航天器的成熟和运载火箭设计正在完成,NASA的商业载人计划将作好准备迁入综合能力设计和测试阶段。新空间法协议奖预计在/ 2012年7月/8月发布。
An example of a recent significant CCDev2 accomplishment is the Boeing Company’s CST-100 parachute drop test. The company successfully completed the second of two tests that validated its parachute and latest landing airbag systems designs. During the test, a helicopter lifted the CST-100 crew capsule to 9,400 feet above the desert floor in Nevada, about a hundred miles north of Las Vegas. After the capsule was released, drogue parachutes immediately deployed to orient the capsule, followed by the three main parachutes. Airbags on the bottom of the capsule then inflated, and the capsule settled to a soft landing. This demonstrated how the CST-100 will be able to return crews from the International Space Station safely with land-based landings, simplifying crew recovery relative to water-based landings.
最近的一项重大CCDev2成就的一个例子是波音公司的CST-100降落伞跌落试验。该公司成功地完成了两个,其降落伞和着陆最新的安全气囊系统的设计验证测试第二。在测试过程中,直升机解除CST-100的乘员舱在内华达州的沙漠地面9,400英尺以上,约一百英里拉斯维加斯以北。太空舱被释放后,的减速降落伞,立即派员到东方太空舱,随后的三个主降落伞。然后充气太空舱底部的气囊,太空舱落户软着陆。这表明如何-100 CST,就能返回从ISS乘员安全与陆上着陆,简化乘员回收相对水性着陆。
Another example of a recent CCDev2 milestone is Blue Origin’s “pusher” escape system test vehicle, which has now been assembled and shipped to the company’s test range near Van Horn, Texas. This is a significant milestone in preparation for Blue Origin’s pad escape flight test planned for later this summer. The pusher escape system protects crew in the event of a catastrophic failure of the launch vehicle, enabling the crew vehicle to carry the crew to safety. The upcoming test campaign will validate the system’s rocket motor and thrust vector control.
最近CCDev2的另一个例子里程碑是蓝色起源公司的“推式” 逃逸系统试验车,它现在已经组装和范霍恩附近运到该公司的测试范围,得克萨斯州。这是一个显著里程碑准备为蓝色起源公司的发射台逃生飞行试验计划在今年夏天晚些时候。推逃生系统保护乘员在一个灾难性的运载火箭故障事件,启用载人飞船乘员进行安全。即将到来的测试活动将验证系统的火箭马达和推力矢量控制。
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   蓝源:2个,波音:1个,SNC:3个,spaceX:1个,Excalibur Almaz:3个。



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感觉波音不只完成1个。  发表于 2012-6-21 07:12
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已经有2个非投资性公司,完成他们在CCDev-2 中的里程碑。


Excalibur Almaz在之前也完成了他们在CCDev-2中的各个里程碑。


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Commercial Crew Announcement this Week?
Posted by Doug Messieron July 31, 2012, at 11:25 pmin News.
Charles Lurio of The Lurio Report has emailed me saying that he has heard from a very reliable source that NASA will announce the next round of commercial crew funding on Thursday or Friday. This is no independent verification of this report.
卢里奥报告的查尔斯卢里奥已经给我发电子邮件说,他已经从一个非常可靠来源的消息听到, NASA将在周四或周五公布下一轮商业载人基金。这个报告没有进行独立核查。

  NASA is expected to make two full awards and one half award under Space Act Agreements to mature commercial launch systems and their spacecraft to transport crews to the International Space Station. This phase would be followed by one during which NASA would procure services using more rigorous Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) contracting methods.
The competitors include:
ATK Liberty
Blue Origin Orbiter/ULA Atlas V
Boeing CST-100/ULA Atlas V
Excalibur Almaz
Sierra Nevada Corporation Dream Chaser/ULA Atlas V
SpaceX Dragon/Falcon 9
蓝色起源公司 轨道器/ ULA阿特拉斯V
波音公司 CST-100/ULA阿特拉斯V
内华达公司追梦/ ULA阿特拉斯V

I had heard from a source during the NewSpace 2012 Conference that NASA’s announcement had been delayed from July because White House officials are not happy with one of the awards. It’s not clear precisely what that means, but speculation has focused on the possibility of ATK receiving an award for its Ares I-derived Liberty system.

Such a decision would complete the near total revival of NASA’s Constellation program, which the Obama Administration had attempted to cancel outright. After a Congressional push back, work has continued on the other elements of  Constellation — the deep-space Orion capsule and the heavy-lift Space Launch System.
这样的决定会使NASA的星座方案完成近乎全部复兴,奥巴马政府曾试图彻底取消它。经过国会的后推, 星座计划的其他元素的工作得以继续 - 深空Orion太空舱和重型 太空发射系统。

Meanwhile, ATK has used the work it did on Constellation’s Ares I as the basis of a commercial launcher. Liberty’s first stage is a five-segment solid rocket motor derived from the system used on the space shuttle. It is topped with an Ariane 5 first stage. The capsule is a composite version of the deep-space Orion spacecraft that subcontractor Lockheed Martin is building for NASA.
与此同时,ATK已使用星座的工作,它确定战神1作为一个商业发射的基础上。自由的第一满级什么一个五段固体火箭马达从航天飞机上使用的系统而得。它突破与阿丽亚娜5型火箭的第一阶段。太空舱是一个复合版深空猎户座航天器,分包商洛克希德·马丁公司正在建设的 NASA

An ATK award would anger many in the “NewSpace” community, who do not see the company as being very commercial and not impressed with the Liberty system. They will attribute such a decision to ATK’s lobbying efforts rather than the merits of its proposal.

I caution that this only speculation; there has been no confirmation.  It’s simply a possibility at this point.


PS: 这2天ATK确实很活跃,到处放风:什么自由号2014轨道演示发射,2015年业务运行啊,最后不忘补充说需要NASA全额奖才能实现所说的这些。其实波音也有类似的诱惑性的承诺。



只要波音的cst-100不受影响,和自由号不入选就行  发表于 2012-8-2 10:00
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NASA to Announce New Agreements for Next Phase of Commercial Crew Development
Aug. 1, 2012 MEDIA ADVISORY : M12-143  
   WASHINGTON -- NASA will issue a news release to announce new agreements with industry partners for its Commercial Crew integrated Capability (CCiCap) initiative at 9 a.m. EDT, Friday, Aug. 3. At 10 a.m. NASA will host a news briefing from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which will be broadcast live on NASA Television and the agency's website. NASA also will host a follow-up teleconference for media representatives with detailed questions at 10:45 a.m., immediately following the briefing.
   华盛顿 -  NASA计划将在上午9点东部时间,星期五,83,上午10时举行发出新闻稿,宣布其新的商业载人综合能力行业合作伙伴协议(CCiCap。 NASA从佛罗里达州KSC将举办新闻发布会,这将被现场直播 NASATV及该机构的网站。 NASA也将举办 深究的细节问题媒体代表10时45分呼吁!,随后是简报。
Through CCiCap, NASA is stimulating the private sector to develop and demonstrate human spaceflight capabilities that could ultimately lead to the availability of commercial human spaceflight services for both commercial and government customers.
通过CCiCap,NASA刺激私营部门的发展和 演示 载人航天能力,最终可能导致载人航天商业可用性, 为商业和政府客户提供服务。
CCiCap is an initiative of NASA's Commercial Crew Program and a priority of the Obama Administration. The objective of the program is to facilitate the development of a U.S. commercial crew space transportation capability with the goal of achieving safe, reliable and cost-effective access to and from low Earth orbit and the International Space Station. After the capability is matured, NASA could purchase commercial services to meet its space station crew transportation needs.
CCiCap是一个NASA提出的成为奥巴马政府优先的商业载人计划。该方案的目的是为了方便 美国开发 商业载人 太空运输能力,实现安全目标,可靠和成本效益的访问低地球轨道和 ISS。能力成熟后,NASA可以购买商业服务,以满足其 空间站乘员的运输需求。
Televised news briefing participants at Kennedy are:
-- NASA Administrator Charles Bolden
-- Kennedy Space Center Director Robert Cabana
-- Commercial Crew Program Manager Ed Mango
-  NASA局长查尔斯•博尔登
- KSC主任罗伯特·卡巴纳
-  商业载人计划经理?管理者?Ed Mango
News teleconference participants are:
-- Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations Directorate William Gerstenmaier
-- Director for Commercial Spaceflight Development Philip McAlister
-- Deputy Manager for Commercial Crew Program Brent Jett
- 助理署长 载人探险和业务指挥长威廉葛斯坦迈亚
- 主任 商业太空飞行 开发菲利普·麦卡利斯特
- 副经理 商业载人计划布伦特杰特
Media representatives wishing to attend the televised briefing in-person should arrive at Kennedy's Press Site by 9:30 a.m. for access to the OSB-II facility, where the event will take place. U.S. journalists without Kennedy accreditation must request for credentials by 3 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 2. International media accreditation for this event is closed. Badges for this specific event can be picked up at the Kennedy Space Center Badging Office on State Road 405. Media must apply for credentials online at:
To participate in the teleconference, reporters must e-mail their name, media affiliation and telephone number to Trent Perrotto at trent.j.perrotto@nasa.gov  by 9 a.m. Friday, Aug. 3.
For NASA TV downlink information, schedules and links to the 10 a.m. streaming video of the announcement, visit:
Audio of the 10:45 a.m. teleconference will be streamed live at:
To access presentation graphics during the telecon and for more information about NASA's Commercial Crew Program and CCiCap, visit:

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     记得Elon说过一句:只要NASA接受和航天飞机一样安全系数的载人飞行,‘龙’飞船马上就可以送宇航员进入ISS --- 一个完全的生物能力的发射和返回
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记得Elon说过一句:只要NASA接受和航天飞机一样安全系数的载人飞行,‘龙’飞船马上就可以送宇航员进 ...

我甚至猜测,如果拿出5~60年代和苏联搞竞争的劲头,不顾风险的竞争,CCP明年都有能力发射载人飞船 --- 现阶段的CCP比当年的水星号发射前的1年,如果按相同风险比较,可能更接近于能发射?
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我甚至猜测,如果拿出5~60年代和苏联搞竞争的劲头,不顾风险的竞争,CCP明年都有能力发射载人飞船 --- 现 ...

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记得Elon说过一句:只要NASA接受和航天飞机一样安全系数的载人飞行,‘龙’飞船马上就可以送宇航员进 ...

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如hkhtg版的小道消息所说,NASA内部有不少人青睐Liberty,毕竟MLAS和复合材料加压舱都曾是猎户座的备选, ...

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http://cosmiclog.nbcnews.com/_ne ... for-spaceships?lite


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大概在北京时间21:00  发表于 2012-8-3 12:35
今晚9时公佈,10时开记者会。  发表于 2012-8-3 12:34
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http://online.wsj.com/article/SB ... space_leftHeadlines
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