[高端制造] 俄大型破冰船研发制造-新一代大型LK60级核动力破冰船将在今年开始建造

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Project R-70202 开始正式切钢板了。
Metal cutting for a unique innovative icebreaker started on Apr 24 at JSC Yantar Shipyard (affiliate of United Shipbuilding Corporation).

Orderer of the Project R-70202 multi-functional salvage ship is Russia's Federal Marine and River Transport Agency (Rosmorrechflot); the contract was signed on Oct 6, 2011.

The world's first skew-going icebreaker will be jointly constructed by Russian and Finnish shipbuilders. The vessel will be laid down on July 6, 2012 at Yantar Shipyard. Construction will be finished by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Oy, the Finnish yard with Russian capital (50% shares are held by United Shipbuilding Corporation).

According to the contract, Yantar is to build the hull and install some onboard mechanisms and systems. In March 2013, the hull will be towed to Helsinki for the 9-month long outfitting. Expectedly, the icebreaker would be delivered in Dec 2013.

The new icebreaker is designed for oil spill response and salvage operations. Her unique feature is "skew" design with asymmetric hull and three rudder propellers which makes possible to work at forward and backward courses as well as at sideward motion to escort vessels through ice. The concept of a skew-going icebreaker was developed late in 90's by Finnish company Aker Arctic Technology. The ship will be equipped with special facilities for oil spill response, fire extinguishing, and ecological monitoring; capable to break one-meter thick flat ice and make a 50-meter wide canal at "skew" mode. The ship's length is 76.4 meters; beam is 20.5 meters; full speed is 14 knots; overall power of three diesel generators is 7.5 mW.

JSC Yantar Shipyard (Kaliningrad, Russia) was established on July 8, 1945 on the basis of Koenigsberg shipyards F. Schichau. It is specialized in construction of light and intermediate tonnage vessels for military and civil purposes, as well as ship repair works. Through the 66-year long history, the yard has built 154 warships and over 500 civil vessels. Currently, Yantar's majority shareholder is Russian Government represented by United Shipbuilding Corporation.


那么小的非对称船体,速度那么慢,派什么用?  发表于 2012-4-28 11:03
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Russia’s fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers is getting ready for a new season on the Northern Sea Route. This year cargo is expected to exceed one million tons.
April 26, 2012
In course of the five months long sailing period of 2011, Atomflot’s nuclear-powered icebreaker escorted 34 vessels in transit along the Northern Sea Route. The total cargo was 820 000 tons. In comparison, in 2010 there were only four transits with a total cargo of 111 000 tons.

Atomflot has a fleet of four icebreakers with two reactors – “Rossiya”, “Sovetskiy Soyuz”, “Yamal” and “50 Years of Victory” and two icebreakers with one reactor – “Taimyr” and “Vaigach”. The vessels are now preparing for this year’s sailing season.

The icebreaker “Yamal” soon leaves dock after repairs and will be ready for this season’s first transit along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) around May 20. It will then escort the two icebreakers “Top Viking” and “Vidar Viking” to the East, where they will be operating outside Sakhalin and in the Beaufort Sea, RIA Novosti reports, citing Deputy General Director of Atomflot Andrey Smirnov.

Repairs on “Taimyr” are finished and the icebreaker is now sailing to the White Sea, where it will be in service until May 5.

“50 years of Victory” is arriving Murmansk this week, where it will be taken into dock for preparations for this summer’s tourist season to the North Pole. The icebreaker has been working in the Gulf of Finland and later in the White Sea this winter.

“Rossiya” is also preparing for its first mission this season, escorting the vessel “Kapitan Danilkin” to the Bolshevik Island with cargo for gold diggers.

“Vaigach” is currently escorting ships on the Enisey river and in the Bay of Enisey, and will continue to do so until the ice breaks up in the middle of May.
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新厂区还是老厂区?已经切割钢板了吗  详情 回复 发表于 2012-5-29 21:33
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The building of a new nuclear-propelled icebreaker to the LK-60 project is to start not later than this September. Atomflot’s director general Vyacheslav Ruksha June 5 said this at the round-table session “Northern Sea Route: New Opportunities” at the forum ATOMEXPO-2012 in Moscow. According to Ruksha, the project is fully supported by science. With this, it should not exceed seven years to build the new, double-draught nuclear icebreaker. Before the new ship is commissioned the steering would be supported by the existing icebreakers and “all transit possibilities we are talking today about will be realized”, he emphasized.
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"Northern Shipyard" build three naval logistics ship with a high ice class ARC4 for the needs of the Ministry of Defence

13.06.2012 Following a public auction in electronic form on the delivery of three units of logistics ships with high ice class ARC4 for the needs of the Defense Ministry the relevant state contract will be awarded with the "Northern shipyard". The auction organized by the Federal Agency for the supply of arms, military and special equipment and materiel to the Defense Ministry ("Rosoboronpostavka"), summed up the results of the auction June 8, 2012. The draft state contract will go to the company June 13, 2012.

In the case of the conclusion of state contract "Northern Shipyard" in December 2012 will begin processing the metal for the first ship logistics. Shipyard will pass the customer first ship in November 2014, the second - in November 2015, the third - in November 2016.

"Northern Shipyard" won in the auction largely due to already existing experience of building supply ships offshore drilling platforms for European customers. Court, which are now ordering our Ministry of Defence, the technical parameters are very similar to how we have constructed "supply agents" and the courts project 22390/22391, which should provide a basis for the development of the Navy "Gazprom" Arctic offshore hydrocarbon fields, "- says Marketing Director of Shipyard" Severnaya Shipyard "Leonid Kuzmin.

In recent years, "Northern Shipyard" built "turn key" on the export of two ships, the supply of offshore drilling platforms. "The construction of export orders is the only shipyard in Russia has proven technologies, special tooling, as well as extensive business contacts with suppliers of marine equipment and accessories that will allow our company to successfully execute a new order MoD," Leonid Kuzmin sure.

According to the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, "NW" Northern Shipyard "is currently the sole supplier of corvettes project 20380/20385 - surface ships of the 2nd rank near the sea area, as well as the sole supplier of Project 22350 frigates for the Russian Navy.

In accordance with existing contracts, "Northern Shipyard" has until 2020 to build and pass the Navy 6 frigates (warships near and far sea zone), and six Project 22350 corvettes (vessels near the sea area) 20380 and 20385, as well as a ship communication project 18280.
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"Northern Shipyard" build three naval logistics ship with a high ice class ARC4 for the needs of t ...

Project 22390冰区保障船
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购买2001年退役的乌拉尔电侦船拆下来的部件, 作为现役核动力破冰船的备品备件........这个不错。
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购买2001年退役的乌拉尔电侦船拆下来的部件, ...



1300多吨的冰区船-----不是船的排水量是1300多, 而是交付的分段重量是1300多吨。  发表于 2012-6-23 09:20
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http://vyborgshipyard. ...

Sovcomflot 订购的两艘破冰型供应船,




赫尔辛基造船厂啊,苏联的一些民船也是他造的吧,维堡是分包商之一,看来俄芬合作的不错,应该说和欧洲地区除了英帝以外都合作的不错  发表于 2012-6-23 09:12
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北方造船厂是俄罗斯主要造船企业之一,主要业务是军舰和各型商业船只的建造。船厂的主要客户有俄罗斯国防部,国外海军,各国专业从事海洋运输和海产品开发的企业。 (中国船舶信息中心 孟光)
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[据世界核协会网站2012年7月4日报道]  俄罗斯RosAtomFlot公司已经宣布公开招标建造世界最大的核动力破冰船。公司要求2017年底该船能够交付使用。
这艘LK-60将安装2座RITM-200压水堆为三个轴式推进器 提供动力。该反应堆由OKBM Afrikantov开发,将一些主要部件整合在反应堆压力容器内,为推进器提供60MWe的功率。在浮动式核电站中预计也采用同样的设计。该反应堆燃料的铀浓缩丰度预计低于20%,在40年的寿期内每7年需要进行一次换料。
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[据世界核协会网站2012年7月4日报道]  俄罗斯RosAtomFlot公司已经宣布公开招标建造世界最大的核动力破冰船。 ...

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Arctic ship-supplier "Vitus Bering" project Arctech NB-506.

Launched on June 30 at the shipyard Arctech Helsinki Shipyard (50% owned by USC).

Customer - JSC "SCF."

aTAzOC5yYWRpa2FsLnJ1LzEyMDcvOWYvYWRhNmVmYjg5MTllLmpwZw==.jpg aTAwNy5yYWRpa2FsLnJ1LzEyMDcvNzkvMzdhYjk0MDgyOTA0LmpwZw==.jpg

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6月30日在赫尔辛基造船厂,SCF集团订购的北极冰区供应保障船完成了与维堡造船厂提供的1300吨分段的组装工作 ...

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